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Longford, TAS, Beef Production Facility

26TEN Project

In 2018, team members from JBS Australia Longford attended a morning gathering at Government House, the official residence of the Governor-General of Australia, in recognition of the 26TEN Project, a program for businesses, community groups and governments to assist employees with their reading, writing, numeracy and communications skills. In 2016, the Longford team committed to implementing the 26TEN program in their facility to ensure that a positive work environment, continuous learning and proper recognition of the people who make the organization a success continue to be provided. As a part of the program for two years, JBS Australia Longford has received grants of almost AUD$50,000 to run the project at the facility.

The theme for the 26TEN program in 2018 was “#lifechangers: celebrating the power of people continuing to learn throughout their lives and change their lives through literacy and also the people who have changed lives”. JBS Australia Longford believes team members will benefit from the education and support programs like 26TEN offer and is proud to be a part of them.