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Pilgrim’s Moy Park


BoviWell, a cattle welfare evaluation tool, was built in 2013 thanks to several consultations with scientific and technical experts, institutions, NGOs and trials on farms. It is articulated around the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare, inspired by Welfare Quality® protocol and methodology (sample, aggregation, scoring) and aimed at being completed within a maximum of two hours on farm.

To date, results of the tool show that 10% of the farms evaluated were classed “Excellent,” 78% “Superior,” 12% “Acceptable” and none “Not-Classified.” Each diagnosis helps to enrich Beef Orléans’ database and refine references and grading scale for a future version.

In early December 2018, BoviWell was presented by Moy Park at “Journées 3R,” a scientific congress for ruminant specialists. The conference gathered more than 600 specialists from 10 different countries, providing a great opportunity to talk with professionals and to reinforce recognition of BoviWell. One of Moy Park’s family farm partners co-presented with the team in order to give a personal testimony about BoviWell utilization on farm.

BoviWell Key Figures:

  • 1,643 diagnoses into French dairy and suckler farms
  • 90 farm consultants trained from 16 partner corporations
  • 60 collected data in the farms, grouped into 10 indicators
  • More than 100,000 animals were observed
  • Average rating of 73/100 at the farm level : Grade Superior
  • More than 30 French media articles