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Pilgrim's Mexico

Continued Partnership with Teletón

In line with Pilgrim’s Mexico’s values and dedication to supporting Mexican families, the company sponsored and invited all team members to participate in the 2017, 2018 and 2019 Teletón Campaign. The Teletón Campaign is an annual, 24-plus-hour television and radio broadcast dedicated to raising money for children with disabilities, autism or cancer, and for the families that support them. The Teletón Foundation, which puts on the event each year, is the world’s largest private medical unit and rehabilitation center for children. The Pilgrim’s Mexico team and our employees have donated approximately $114,000 each year it has participated in the event. The donations went on to benefit more than 26,000 children annually. Pilgrim’s Mexico also donates chicken to this program every week, which supports meals for hospitalized children.