Equipment Improvements | JBS USA | Sustainability Report

Cactus, TX, Beef Production Facility

Equipment Improvements

In order to better ensure that all new hires are properly equipped for their job before joining the production floor, the Cactus beef production facility implemented a PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) program in 2018. Through this program, team members aimed to resolve all issues related to stocking, purchasing and repairing mesh equipment (personal protective equipment such as sleeves, aprons, tunics and gloves), cleaning and transporting mesh from the warehouse to the training department and replacing damaged mesh. As a result, Cactus is now able to fully equip and prepare all new hires before they head to their departments, reduce the time spent on transporting equipment from the warehouse to the floor, more accurately track incoming inventory into the warehouse, simplify and accelerate the process of identifying new mesh requirements and validate that mesh identified for repair actually needs repair before sending offsite. Furthermore, Cactus team members are currently working to implement a project to transition all mesh sleeves and aprons to half back tunics due to their increased safety and lower repair costs.