HAZMAT Safety Competition | JBS USA | Sustainability Report

Marshalltown, IA, Pork Production Facility

HAZMAT Safety Competition

While the Marshalltown pork team conducts Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) drills each quarter, this October, the facility decided make the event a friendly competition between two organized teams. Each was challenged with “stopping a leak” the fastest by taking apart a flange, inserting a gasket and replacing/tightening the nuts and bolts. The goal of the exercise was to incorporate realistic scenarios and situational developments to challenge the team and provide them with skills for their individual success and the safety of the entire team. The event also served as a great dexterity drill for the HAZMAT team. By donning the correct PPE, the drill was both physically and mentally demanding while under pressure. The Marshalltown team believes that hands-on training is key to becoming proficient at HAZMAT emergency response.