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Pilgrim's Moy Park

Improving BoviWell

In 2013, Pilgrim’s Moy Park Beef Orléans team partnered with several consultations with scientific and technical experts, institutions, NGOs and trials on farms to develop a cattle welfare evaluation tool called BoviWell. In 2019, the team demonstrated that BoviWell has progressed from an “office tool” to a “field tool” recognized by users as a true aid for improving practices on the farm.

At this year’s RMT BEA Scientific Congress, Pilgrim’s Moy Park co-presented BoviWell with a cattle breeder to show how the decision-making tool helped to improve practices on the farm. While overall results from the breeder’s first BoviWell diagnosis were good, the calf mortality rate was highlighted as an issue. Based on the BoviWell analysis and the advice of a consultant, the breeder focused on calf mortality and decreased the rate by 40 percent in two years.

BoviWell Key Figures:

  • More than 50 presentations of BoviWell have been given to third-party companies (farmer co-ops, dairy industry, etc.)
  • 60 articles on BoviWell have been published in specialist farming newspapers over the last 3 years
  • 170 students visited the Moy Park Beef Orléans facility and the cattle breeder host farm in Normandy in 2018