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Responsible Marketing Policy

Responsible Marketing Policy

As consumers increasingly expect transparent and factual information, we are committed to providing our customers and consumers access to the necessary resources to help them make informed purchasing decisions. We proactively engage in continuous dialogue with our customers and consider specific market research so that we can continue to provide relevant, informed and innovative food solutions that align with their values and priorities.

We adhere to the following general principles in all marketing and point of sale communications:

Marketing and point of sale communications are accurate, truthful and transparent.
Communications related to marketing and point of sale communication are subject to an internal review process to guarantee that the information shared with customers and consumers is authentic, accurate, not misleading and that food claims comply with relevant federal labeling regulations. To continuously improve our processes, we liaise with numerous industry associations to stay informed of latest issues and opportunities from a consumer, customer, and supply chain perspective. We do not directly sell or market to children.

We welcome feedback from consumers.
Consumer engagement and feedback is welcomed through our websites, social media platforms and consumer-specific phone lines and email accounts. Through these communication channels, our teams monitor direct product feedback, interact with consumers to address questions or concerns, maintain a database to track trends and provide performance reports to business unit leaders.

We believe in healthy diets and lifestyles.
We strive to communicate how our brands and products fit into a healthy diet and lifestyle. All nutrition and health benefit claims included in any communications are based on sound scientific bases and comply with federal regulations. In marketing and point of sale communication, we encourage the promotion of a balanced diet to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions that fit their lifestyle.