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King Island Beef Launches Traceability Program

In a first for a large-scale brand in the Australian beef industry, JBS Australia has announced a paddock-to-primals traceability system for King Island Beef as part of the relaunch of its highly regarded brand King Island Beef.

At an exclusive field day on King Island in late October 2019, cattle producers, suppliers and distributors, and flagship restaurant end-users engaged with the highly-regarded King Island Beef brand were brought together to hear the industry-changing announcement as well as be a part of the relaunch of the brand.

The traceability system will link the customers of the brand with the individual farmer that raised the livestock for the specific cut of beef – a first for the industry on this size and scale of operation.

With the increasing demand from customers and end-users to understand where their food has come from, JBS Southern Chief Operating Officer Sam McConnell, said the program will follow the journey from paddock to plate, connecting consumers with the proud producers of the beef.

Underpinned by JBS Southern’s Farm Assurance program, the refreshed King Island Beef brand will see-designed packaging and printed promotional material about the product, which will be available in selected flagship restaurants around Australia who have partnered with JBS.

The flagship restaurants that are partnering with the King Island Beef and are some of Australia’s finest; and are wildly excited to showcase the exclusivity of the Island and its produce and the distinctively unique story.