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Nacogdoches, TX, Poultry Complex

Large Business of the Year

In 2019, our Pilgrim’s Nacogdoches team received the 2019 Large Business of the Year Award from the Nacogdoches County Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber described the Nacogdoches Complex as a “powerhouse employer in the community,” employing more than 1,500 team members with a $62 million annual payroll.

The processing facility was built in the 1970s and today, the Nacogdoches Complex includes two hatcheries, two feed mills, two truck shops and one processing facility that produces 11 million pounds of finished product per week, which is sold domestically and internationally. There are several resources at the complex that are focused on the well-being of team members, including a medical staff to offer assistance and resources as needed, and a chaplain service available in-house when needed. Team members are also offered the opportunity to volunteer with the city on projects such as park or city facility clean-ups. The Nacogdoches Complex sponsors the local Blueberry Festival, which celebrates the annual blueberry harvest, the Turkey Trot, the local Boys and Girls Club and United Way. Pilgrim’s team members say they appreciate working in a family atmosphere in a tight-knit operation.