Supervisor Training Program | JBS USA | Sustainability Report

Beardstown, IL, Pork Production Facility

Supervisor Training Program

In early 2019, the Beardstown pork facility graduated its 2018 Supervisor Training Program class. Graduates completed a comprehensive 6-week program of instruction on the duties, expectations and skills of supervisor positions at the Beardstown facility. During the program, they were educated on and displayed great understanding of the following skills, knowledge and abilities (SKAs):

  1. The SKAs to inspire and influence people to accomplish organizational goals, motivate team members both inside and outside their departments to pursue actions, focus thinking and shape decisions to accomplish company goals for the greater good of the organization
  2. The knowledge and awareness of current practices, procedures and regulations/policies — three areas governed by Federal and State regulations, JBS USA programs, and workplace norms
  3. Education on the required and expected character, knowledge and competence to carry out day-to-day duties to the expectations of JBS USA leaders, always supporting JBS USA principles
  4. Education on the requirements and expectations of producing quality product safely and efficiently, while simultaneously providing quality, respected leadership