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Removing Nitrogen from Wastewater

Pilgrim’s USA

Pilgrim’s upgraded the wastewater treatment facility at the Sumter production facility to remove additional total nitrogen and increase the land application function of the system. The additional wastewater treatment facilities removes more nitrogen and allow for lower nitrogen application rates to be applied to surrounding agriculture fields. This will result in more optimized fertilizer management…

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Water Conservation Committee


Our pork production plant in Ottumwa has a renewed passion for water reduction. The facility formed a water conservation committee with the mission of making water conservation both visible and actionable throughout the facility. The committee established a water use goal, identified potential conservation projects and developed a list of action items to improve communication…

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Focused on Water Reduction

JBS USA Fed Beef

The JBS USA Fed Beef business unit has focused heavily on reducing the use of water in the production process. In total, the team has implemented or enhanced numerous major water recycling projects, including (but not limited too) a DAF (Dissolved Air Floatation) effluent recycle system, tripe water recycle systems, peracetic acid water recycle systems…

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