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JBS Installs More than 1K Solar Panels

JBS USA Headquarters

Our JBS USA Greeley corporate headquarters installed a $1.4 million solar panel project, which is expected to reduce the building’s energy consumption by 554,610 kWh each year. In partnership with Ally Energy Solutions, JBS USA is installing 1,476 solar panels. Of this, 720 panels are ground-mounted on an unused grass area, and 756 panels are…

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JBS Beardstown Invests $4.4M in Solar Project

Beardstown, IL, Facility

Our Beardstown, Ill., pork facility launched a $4.4 million solar panel project, which is expected to offset between 7-8 percent of the plant’s energy use and generate more than $220,000 in savings annually. In March 2020, JBS USA Beardstown concluded construction of its large-scale solar project, developed in partnership with One Sun. Situated on eight…

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JBS Louisville Removes 360 Gallons of Litter

Louisville, KY, Facility

As a long-standing cornerstone of Butchertown, our Louisville, Ky., pork facility understands its integral role in maintaining the local community for generations to come. In July, Louisville team members came together to cleanup up the neighborhood and restore its beauty, removing 360 gallons of litter.

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JBS Beardstown Pulls Out 440+ Gallons of Trash from Illinois River

Beardstown, IL, Facility

Our Beardstown, Ill., pork team cleaned up more than five miles of the Illinois River through its annual sponsorship of Living Lands & Waters’ “Adopt-A-River Mile” program. In total, the team pulled out more than 440 gallons of trash and debris from the river. Each year, JBS USA Beardstown participates in the Adopt-A-River Mile program,…

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JBS Dalhart Revamps Wastewater Treatment Lagoon to Produce Renewable Energy

Dalhart, TX, Facility

Our Dalhart, Texas, live pork team renovated the wastewater treatment lagoon to convert methane gas into renewable energy. The lagoon is expected to produce more than 50,000 MMBTU of biogas annually, eliminating 10,362 metric tons of CO2. Our Dalhart facility partnered with Ally Energy Solutions on a first ever swine-to-renewable natural gas project at its…

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JBS Ottumwa Earns EPA Award for Environmental Project

Ottumwa, IA, Facility

Our Ottumwa, Iowa, pork production facility was awarded the 2020 EPA Region 7 Pollution Prevention Award, which is awarded to businesses, industry, tribes and nonprofits from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska for their environmental excellence. This is the second year the facility has received the award. First was in 2018, the plant was recognized for…

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JBS Souderton’s Electricity Goes Completely Carbon-Free

Souderton, PA, Facility

Our Souderton, Penn., Regional Beef facility was recognized for matching 100 percent of its electricity usage with carbon-free energy credits in 2019. Through leading U.S. energy provider Constellation’s Carbon-Free Electricity Plan, the electricity Souderton purchases is matched with Emissions-Free Energy Certificates (EFECs), making the facility’s electricity completely carbon-free. EFECs represent the emissions-free attributes of energy-generating…

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JBS Hyrum Benchmarks Environmental Successes

Hyrum, UT, Facility

Our Hyrum, Utah, beef facility team understands the critical role they play in advancing environmental stewardship to maintain these important attributes. To promote the continued viability of Hyrum’s mountain-fed streams, the team focuses on conserving water and has reduced water use by 20 percent since 2016. Key initiatives include the installation of recycle systems for…

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An Industry Leader

Hyrum, UT, Beef Production Facility

Our Hyrum, Utah, beef facility lies in Cache Valley beneath the Wasatch Range of the Rocky Mountains. Hyrum is known for its outdoor recreation, agriculture and pristine views. Our team understands the critical role they play in advancing environmental stewardship to maintain these important attributes. The facility is an industry leader in many best practices…

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2020 NAMI Environmental Recognition Awards

JBS USA and Pilgrim's

The NAMI Environmental Recognition Awards were developed to provide recognition of a company’s dedication to continuous environmental improvement, as witnessed by the development and implementation of Environmental Management Systems (EMS). Four tiers are available to encourage EMS development through a stepwise approach. Tier I, II, II or IV awards are based on points assigned by…

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